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Our goal is to promote a healthy active lifestyle to children in our communities through high quality youth fitness programs and nutrition tips.  By providing increased opportunities for physical activity among children, we hope to inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will serve as the foundation for a healthy way of life.  By teaching children at a young age that fitness can be fun and letting them experience the benefits associated with participation in organized sports and fitness - such as making healthy choices and experiencing team-building and leadership roles – Eternia Athletics hopes to raise the standard of these children’s lives and see them become healthy and successful teenagers and adults.

We bring a comprehensive physical fitness program to children in our community! We want to inspire kids to lead a healthy, active life and hope that through early exposure to fitness at Eternia, our program and coaches will help children develop a love of fitness that translates into healthy choices as they grow.


Eternia Kids are naturally progressed through appropriate resistance loads and controlled movements. Eternia certified trainers supervise and teach our kids how to efficiently build a solid foundation with good mechanics that translates to physical literacy. All facets of the program revolve around reaching goals and objectives, stressing proper technique, and keeping workouts fun while putting an emphasis on safety. The end product is a result driven and fun experience. Strength training has many benefits for kids, as well as those looking to get on a lifetime path to better health and fitness. 

Class Schedule

Classes will resume Ocotober 30th | ages 8-13

Run in 6 week blocks ($100) | 4 days a week 

Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday from 4pm - 5pm

Class dates are subject to change with the school year scheduled holidays and breaks.


Enrollment is OPEN!!!

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